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We are designing flash websites and animation, along with functional Flash ActionScript programming solutions. Flash web pages are far more attractive and live than static websites and do their job more effectively as the form of internet media (that is not our words, that's how it really is).

Using a solid Adobe Flash (earlier known as Macromedia Flash) technology, you can have audio player, broadcast videos, play games and use many more interactive stuff in your website along with the usual web solutions. And all you need is the only component installed on your computer - Flash Player.

There are two main types of flash websites - with partial flash content and absolute. The latter one is mostly constructed along with static shadow pages, which helps search engines as Google to find and index your site (though it is not necessary now as Google announced to improve indexing of flash pages since July 1st, 2008). We can also boost up your page with three dimensional elements to enliven the site with the feeling of extent.

Non-traditional internet solutions are normally achieved using Flash technology. So if you want something really different - you should choose a flash page.

You can find our flash achievements in our portfolio ( - for partial flash content; - for absolute flash content) 




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